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peaceful vibration

August 4, 2005
Peaceful vibe
(b, e, A, D) (lower case is minor uppercase is major)

I was talking with my friend
Ask him when will the fighting end
He say as long as we fight we will be fightin
Then it became so clear to me got to change our frequency
Change the station to a peaceful vibration

Peaceful vibration (3x)

What a world it would be
Living in harmony it would be just like a party
Every town door to door
In every building on every floor
Weed all be jamming with our peaceful vibration

Peaceful vibration

So wont you come along and
help me sing this song
so we can get this party started
peaceful vibration

one nation with a peaceful vibration
one nation with a peaceful vibration

no fightin no war
no fightin no war

everybody get along when we hear this song
every boy and girl everywhere around the world

peaceful vibration