Sashamon cd One Day Maybe is one of top indie music cds of all time.
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S A S H A M O N: Guestbook

Josesito in Miami, FL

September 22, 2009

Any chance you guys will be touring on the east coast...maybe in the Miami or South Florida area? I love your music its great! Peace iza fiya!

Coral Coleman

September 21, 2009

nice to meet you in SB, scotty. see u tonight!


September 19, 2009

the best show last night at fresno. it was a small show but it was so awsome. peace and love mahalo. thanks for playing naughty girl

big chris

September 14, 2009

one drop, sending good vibes and my friends to your laguna stop! yes I


September 13, 2009

Just picked up One Day Maybe and it's legit for sure. Had a friend from Hawaii recommend it to me and it's great stuff. Keep up with the good music and hopefully you make it to Phoenix, AZ sometime. Tengo Cuidado!


September 7, 2009

Relaxt tunes, love it. Keep it up.
Peace from The Netherlands/Holland/Europe


September 4, 2009

brilha mt no corhintian..!! paz de jah prevalece... peace!

nyo reggae avida com amor

August 31, 2009

sasha do muito valor a o seu som cara vcs manda muito gosta ria muito mque vc vinhece para o brasil mais precizamente em natal tenho plena certeza que agalera do reggae vai da o maior valor a sim como eu dei um abraço e fica com a paz de jah


August 26, 2009

Great concert last night at Jimmy Buffetts! So great to have met you and Isaac and the rest of the gang. Hanging with ya'll was real good times!

Erika Kraft

August 12, 2009

So lovely to meet you all this weekend. Positive! Looking forward to Eugene. Be well...

glencora twigg

August 10, 2009

I am playing your cd over and over and over. It is beautiful. I particularly love the butterfly song. Thank-you for creating it. I'm a creative too. I do clothing. in case your interested. I did my last photo shoot in the middle of a reggae dance party.
Peace and love to you.

Erika Kraft

August 10, 2009

So nice to meet you all. Such a good feeling. Until Eugene be well.

Jordi Bosch

August 8, 2009

Aloha Sashamon!!!!!!!!!
I was in O'ahu this sumer, all July, I discover you there, I'm from Spain and listening to the radio I hear Peace is a fiya and I just love it, I'm a fan of reggae music and yours is awesome!!!! :D
Thanks for your songs that make me feel better every day :D
Jah Roots ma freind!!!! Love & Peace

Cristina (Spain)

August 5, 2009

Hi!!! I was in HB on 22nd July and it was a great show. Your music is unique and the songs are perfects!
I love all them, but most Japanese Squeez, Peaceisfiya, Jah Roots... well, all of them!!
I knew your music the same day I met a member of the group... and now it's imposible to get out your music from my head! Amazingly perfect, man.
Maybe on 20th September I'll go to the West Beach Festival, it has to be an awsome concert.

Let me know if you come to Spain or Europe, you would have a big success here, sure!!! Peace & Love

Kai Girl

August 3, 2009

OMG!! sashamon u ROCK!!!!!!!! (hahahaha!!)


August 1, 2009

I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!! Especially 'Malia' & 'Japanes Squeez"

Will Thomas

July 29, 2009

Great show at U.S. Open of Surfing. It was cool meeting you after the show and my daughters love the signed posters and CD. Peace!

Anna Fischer

July 29, 2009

First heard your music when I was living on Oahu in 2005. You should make an appearance in Colorado. . .I know everyone would love your music here. You are amazingly talented, and I am looking forward to your future recordings!

Rick Basulto

July 22, 2009

Awesome music...local in HB and look forward to seeing you at the concert thursday..peace..Rick Basulto


July 22, 2009

Hi there from Melbourne, Australia!
Just recently heard about your music from a friend & fan of yours in LA!! Hopefully I may come see you play one day.. Loving your songs!! Keep it up!

carlos j reyes

July 22, 2009

cant wait till thursday us open concert live on da beach (dance on da sand) lots a love keeping it real sashamon in HB mahalo brudah.


July 20, 2009

amazing song...good vibes!!!êa

Rio de Janeiro / Brazil / Surf

July 14, 2009

very good !!!


July 14, 2009

Curitiba/Brazil - We Love you


July 13, 2009

I need more Sasha!

When do you think, you will bring out a new album?

Greets from germany


Nicolas Lehaitre

July 7, 2009


Greetings from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We are like 10 loving your music man.. great great songs!!

We've got a friend that went to one of your concerts i think near from Florida..

if you're thinking to come to Brazil, let we know!!

cheers and beers man,


July 2, 2009

Big Up! Good times....blessing hearing the crew in B-town! Keep it positive! Love-Love


June 30, 2009

Awe Awe! Just wana say your music is being played around Cape Town ( South Africa). My friend got it about a year ago and we a mad about it! its in the cars, rooms, homes and on the streets! keep it up! peace!!

Greg Leftwich

June 28, 2009

God bless iTunes where I found your music by divine accident. Now I'm spreading your vibes via Facebook and the Southeast US sailing scene. -- Capt. Lefty, s/v Compadre


June 25, 2009

Your sister told me about your music, and it is truly unique and awesome!

Tommy Morris

June 23, 2009

Mike Calaway handed me Someday Maybe and I'm hooked. Trying to get the beats down on my djembe is going to be a blast.


June 19, 2009

discovered ur music on a surf video. so peaceful, great positive vibes. I love it so much I bought 2 albums... Well done and thank you. Please come to London one day.

Benny Duenas

June 19, 2009

hey sashamon you think you can send a copy of your cd i could not find any at guam's cd outlet and the concert here on guam was solid you were jammin like bob marley you the man sasha pls can you
thank's ben duenas


June 17, 2009

very positive and ire, love the sound


Paulette Cwik

June 12, 2009

Listened to the music and saw a couple of clips, glad you are doing well.....


June 5, 2009

great musik, great feel.....anticipating new musik from this SASHA!!!! any news?
come to central florida, ill be there and bring all my friends :)


June 2, 2009

Hey, your music is amazing, very relaxing and at the same time brings a lot of positive energy!!
I live in Argentina and I hope that by some chance of life, has the opportunity to listen live!
Aloha, Martina


June 1, 2009

Sashamon, love your music!
great vibes! always lifts me up and makes me dance.
bringing island sound all the way to germany.
Aloha and peace bra!

Scott Goold

May 28, 2009

Aloha Sashamon,
Greetings from the deserts in New Mexico. Your harmonies and wisdom bring aloha to all of us here. Mahalo nui loa for all your work and dedication to peaceful vibrations around the world.

Aloha A Hui hou!


May 24, 2009

I love your music, been listening to it via youtube and your website - i cannot find it anywhere in South Africa! Do you ship it out this way? peaceout.


May 20, 2009

so many memories with your fantastic songs!!!!


May 6, 2009

aloha , i listend u in Peru, your music is the best


May 5, 2009

The scream of the butterfly is based upon the posters for your preschool swapmeet. The posters are still in the back room at your grandfather's house.

Martha Robertson

May 3, 2009

Sitka Alaska girl here. Just wanted to say you really rocked above and beyond expectations. Got a bit crazy as the show went on so didn't want to take up more of your time ...but thanks for chilling with us Sitka girls for a few in the early eve. Will continue to spread the peaceful vibrations! Hope to see you in AK. Thanks for sharing your time, kindness, and beautiful music. Aloha, Martha


May 1, 2009

Da show was off da hook last night great kicken with you afterwards!!!Aloha A Hui hou! Mitchell


April 30, 2009

your music is amazing! You are soo talented :)

Adrian Maldonado

April 29, 2009

What up Bruddah.
Keep cruzin to Cali. You sounded great @ coachhouse. Are you gonna play on the islands in June or July??
Mahalo for the music


April 26, 2009

I love your song on the Hart and Huntington Hawaii tattoo website. I can listen to that song all day and never get tired of it. Come to Stanford/Palo Alto, CA some day.


April 22, 2009

My girls and I saw your show at the Viper room, Monday night (4/20) and im still impressed. you guys came with such energy. Just wanted to say thanks for a great experience. good luck with the rest of your tour :)


Bob and Claudia

April 18, 2009

Great show last night at Canes! We had an amazing time. Thanks so much for coming back to San Diego. Mahalo!


April 17, 2009

Aloha from germany!

Hey Sasha, you need to bring out a new album. Heard "one day maybe" around 20000 times :P I love it.

And I need another dosis!!!

Greets Eric

Reefer Jah Beauty

April 12, 2009

can't wait for the shows in Califa...peace!

maui future resident

April 11, 2009

Yo Sasha i just went to maui and saw necta on tv, rad music and listen your album, i cant stop jammin to it man ..cant wait to see you out here brada next week !!!

marcos smith

April 10, 2009

dudei was looking at ur tour and noticed u were coming to santa barbara on the 22nd.. so come to my high school wile u are here. dos pueblos


April 8, 2009

you're da bomb. Come on down Texas Way


March 31, 2009

Hey Sasha, we love your music down here in Florida, I am always checking to see if you will be coming over to this side of the country. ALOHAA


March 30, 2009

Aloha from VA, love your music, you need to come to the east coast

Shanelle Colon

March 26, 2009

dig the song...
love to watch you surf...

SCOTTY and brother KEONE MON

March 24, 2009

ya mon,
Cool Runnings- Peace be the journey.
from the brother's of the Roots Island. the island that BURNS. MOLOKAI MO'BETTHA, ALWAYS!!


March 23, 2009

Just picking up the album. Love the melody! This CD, a car ride to the north shore and everythings easy sailing! Thanks for the album.

Cassandra J.

March 19, 2009

I just wanted to stop by and show some love!!!! Your music is amazing and some of the best sounds I've ever heard. I hope that you might some day make it out to Colorado! If not, I guess I'm just gonna have to road trip it to Cali.
Stay Up Sashamon,
Keep doing what you're doing



March 18, 2009

Greetings from Peru, South America!
Your music is medicine for the world.


Thiago Loewe

March 12, 2009

Your fan from Brazil!

All songs are very good!

Thanks Sashamon and one day come to Brazil!

Aloha and Jah bless


March 10, 2009

i and i

Ras Yorio

March 9, 2009


Come tour beautiful Florida. Huge fan base here in east central FL. Mahalo plenty for your peaceful vibration. One love, bradda.


March 8, 2009

mahalo for your music.
your style definately takes me back to da west side!


March 7, 2009

Please do a show in Colorado!!! I love your song Necta it puts a smile on my face everytime I hear it.

John Alford

March 5, 2009

The world needs your music


March 3, 2009

BTW, David G? "Necta" is nectar. As in the sweet delicious liquid produced in flowers. Aloha.


March 3, 2009

I was on beer hunting trip in Portland last weekend and while in (of all places) Roots Brewing (really good brewery, BTW), heard this great ukelele-based reggae. I asked the bartender who it was and she said, "Sashamon". Imagine my surprise when I got home and Googled him and discovered he is a bumbaclot white boy! Praise be to Jah, da kine haole, play dem reggae!

David G

March 2, 2009

Love your music, it's amazingg!!!!!
I was just wondering what does necta means...? anyone? thanks.

megan cumblidge

February 25, 2009

hi sasha,its megan cumblidge remember when paige and tony rodrigues were marrieed yeats ago and we were the blond headed brats jk my brother tim and i use to hang with you and jesse ? yeah well its been years i would love to hear from you are evern your sister would be great , im glad to see you are doing great in your days take care!

February 23, 2009

When you come play in Brazil?SAO PAULO!!!!!!!


February 21, 2009

Love you're music, haven't been in Hawaii for a few months; everyone here keeps borrowing my cd...

GREEN Lifestyles Magazine

February 18, 2009

Love, love, love the album! Everyone in our office has your cd either playing on our computers or in our cars. Keep it up guys! Thank you!


February 18, 2009

hi! i,m from the canary islands you should come to europe anytime. Your music is amazing!!


February 18, 2009

Was introduced to your music recently and really dig it....such a cool vibe.....keep on jammin. Much love-

Cau Macêdo

February 16, 2009

Hello, i love Sashamon music! When you come play in Brazil? I'm from Salvador- Bahia

Craig Mc In Fla

February 14, 2009

If there's anything to caulm you down it's you Sha. I would love the whole tab to Necta so I can play it to my wife, sounds goofy but she's everything you sing about, even a tat of a butterfly on her shoulder.


February 13, 2009

Hi, I am Jens wearing TV Spielfilm Clothes. I am 45 years old and completely insane bout Sashamon. Regards from Knackwurst-Castle

Sean Kirk

February 10, 2009

Shashamon!! Its good to hear you have done well for yourself. Listening to the song again on the radio, for the first time reminds me of the good days in our early Babylon. Aloha from Honolulu, finally moved back from the Arizona desert.

Monica Berger

February 10, 2009

Had your CD playing while working at the Chalet today @Alpine Meadows Ski Area, Lake Tahoe. A nice man inquired "whose music is this?" Mine, I replied..It was Nathan, your drummer's father..Mr Patrick..He was very happy to hear it. Have been a fan for quite a while having lived in the Islands..please consider a ski town will be well received!

Bud Davis

February 8, 2009

Great Music and Good Times. I'm a soldier in Iraq and this music keeps me sane.


January 31, 2009

Aloha ... I love your music Sha, relax my mind!
When you come play in Brazil? I have the pleasure of watching your show of cabin! Congratulations .. I'm your fan!

Felipe Gusmão

January 17, 2009

aloha!!! from Brazil, Cabedelo-PB!!!
great music!!! Congratulations!!!


January 16, 2009

Love the music and wish one day you can come to the Third Coast and come preform. Galveston needs this kind of music and good vibe right now.


January 12, 2009

Brah, we were on the beach with bonfire and this guy breaks out your tracks. Your music is dakine!


January 9, 2009

Aloha Sasha,
Loved your show in San Luis Obispo, blew me away...Please come back again soon


January 8, 2009

Thank for coming to SLO town, sick show last night we had a blast. Aloha

michelle holahan (uhu girl)

January 8, 2009

Aloha and Mahalo! Loved the music and of course the ukulele! I love your style and thanks for rockin the Central Coast(San Luis Obispo,CA.) and bringin to us the much needed aloha spirit! Give the island of Molokai a big hello for me and hope to see you guys back soon here on the Central Coast!

January 6, 2009

Just moved from Maui to SF, stoked to see you at the Red Devil Lounge....peace and aloha

Troy & Cindy Fulscher

January 6, 2009

Looking forward to seeing you in Santa Cruz :) Love your music - we can't wait!

Matt Stinkbug

January 5, 2009

Nate "Bomba" bring it to the East Coast one time! We need the Peaceful Vibrations in the Dirty Jerz or in South FL. Peace and love Brotha!

Stephen Lubman

January 2, 2009

Mahalo for a wonderful evening of music! A great way to rock in the New Year!

Here is a shot from the Coach House performance Jan 1st 2009:

More to follow!

David Asman aka El jedi

January 1, 2009

Mucho Mahalo for fallowing your dream and sharing them with us to truly enjoy. Live Aloha.
El Jedi


January 1, 2009

You must to know that from I buyed your music in itunes, it is playing in my phone all day, even in my work place (a big Auditorium plenty of people). Kisses from Spain!!!

swells n socal

January 1, 2009



December 29, 2008

Just wanted to say hello. I can't wait for your show in Santa Cruz! :)

Brahda Waltah

December 28, 2008

Roots! Rasta! Da Iriest!

Orlando Jr.

December 22, 2008

reggae de verdade é a verdadeira vibração...

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