Sashamon cd One Day Maybe is one of top indie music cds of all time.
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S A S H A M O N: Bio

           Sasha Makia Spiller-Reiff aka Sashamon- (sa-sha’-mon) began his musical journey singing along with the ukulele strumming Kupuna (respected elders) in elementary school. The red dirt west side of slow paced Moloka'i is a place where musical traditions are still part of the fabric of daily life. As the years passed, Sasha came to have a deep love and respect for his musical roots but never imagined that his personal musical efforts would become known.

          An almost magical buzz started when Sasha shared a few songs, made on his home computer, with the tightly knit community of Hawaiian surfers. Then somehow, the demo cd found its way to a radio station in Hilo on the Island of Hawaii. Amazingly enough “Japanese Squeeze” became the station’s most requested song, which was quickly followed by another Sashamon song: “Necta”. The popularity of the music locally encouraged Sashamon to release his cd “One Day Maybe” commercially. Sashamon’s music was top requested on radio stations all over the islands, and was he surprised!?! (u betcha). The music continues in rotation on Hawaii radio shows today and has become a part of the local culture.

       In December Hawaii becomes the center of the surfing world every year. Sashamon’s music has also become more well known worldwide because Pipeline Master Jamie O’brien's movies “Freak Show” and "Freak Side" used some of the songs.   Many other surf videos feature Sashamon's music as well. (check you tube) Sashamon’s music also is featured on many Fuel t.v.’s segments as well as the series “The “808” . The music video for Sashamon’s hit ”necta” was top requested on Hawaii’s local music video show Overdrive Live.

        This continuing popularity has allowed Sasha to take his show on the road.  Sasha and his band have taken the show all around the islands. Sashamon’s first shows in California were sold out, WITH FULL HOUSES SINGING NOTE FOR NOTE.

        Since then Sashamon has toured from San Diego to Seattle, Florida to Guam. Sashamon and the new “Necta Band” played for FIFTEEN THOUSAND + people at the West Beach Festival in Santa Barbara. Sashamon also headlined the Hurley U.S open of Surfing opening day in Huntington Beach. Sashamon and his band were also featured on live television music showcase “Hot Hawaiian Nights” Sashamon has shared bills with many of todays top reggae bands including; Alpha Blondy, Israel Vibration, Maxi Priest, Slightly Stoopid, Rebelution, SOJA, Tribal Seeds, and many others.

        In 2014 Sashamon did two headlining tours in Brasil which achieved good publicity and crowd response. Sashamons band currently features Isaac Kamaile jr. a virtuoso Hawaiian guitarist who plays left handed with strings up side down. 

        One Day Maybe, Sashamon’s debut album incorporates many diverse influences that blend to create an original, peaceful and memorable sound. Sashamon self produced the album playing all the instruments including the ukulele, guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals and drum sequencer. In 2014 Sashamon released two singles recorded in Brasil.  July 2014 Sasha and his partner Malia became a first time parents. in his spare moments Sasha is working on music in his project studio on kauai. 

       Mahalo for reading!